Social distancing means musicians, composers, engineers, and other audio industry veterans must adapt to stay professionally relevant and financially secure. Being required to virtually interact with our partners, clients, and managers 100% of the time poses all sorts of new challenges. Thankfully, specialized technologies can ease our transition into a fully remote work environment.

Here are 7 of our favorite remote work tools:

Communication Tools

1. Zoom

Admittedly, Zoom had a bit of a rough start during the COVID-19 pandemic. But despite recent criticism of their security features (many of which have been addressed), Zoom is still a solid choice for those in the audio industry.

Zoom provides customizable tools like the ability to broadcast audio in stereo, which makes it superior to other conferencing apps. Zoom is used all over the world for music lessons, industry happy hours, and rehearsals. In fact, we use Zoom for our ReelCrafter Live events!

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Zoom offers a freemium plan or a Zoom Pro plan, which allows for longer meeting times and video conferences that can hold between 300-500 participants. Plus, there are dedicated virtual conference rooms called Zoom Rooms.

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2. Stageit

Live performance artists are losing more income than ever due to cancelations and postponements. The cancelation of SXSW alone meant $4MM+ in lost revenue and missed opportunities for industry exposure, press opportunities, and fanbase growth. If your gig was canceled due to COVID-19, Stageit allows you to connect with your fans.

Fans can purchase a virtual ticket to a live stream of any artist with a camera and microphone. Stageit showcases acts ranging from your neighborhood metal band to superstars like Tom Morello and Jon Bon Jovi.

The service also includes a blanket license with the PROs so artists can legally play any cover song they want. Stageit is the closest thing to a live experience you can have in your living room.

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Stageit | A front row seat to a backstage experience.™
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3. Every Time Zone 

Working with artists, clients, and agencies across multiple time zones means time zone math (the worst kind!).

ETZ features color-coding to provide instant visual feedback on what time slots work best for everyone on your project. This can be especially helpful when coordinating remote recording sessions around the globe.

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4. Source-Connect

With remote sessions becoming the new normal, Source-Connect allows audio professionals and their clients to record together from virtually anywhere in the world.

The benefit of Source-Connect is that it allows real-time artistic direction. This eliminates the need for retakes and back-and-forth communications after the fact because clients can communicate their vision to the talent as they are recording, just like an in-person recording session.

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5. VST Connect Pro

Cubase fans losing business because of remote work restrictions can rejoice. Steinberg’s application, VST Connect Pro, is a complete remote recording solution that allows collaboration with any musician that has an internet connection and a computer. Data encryption, multi-track recording, live video chat, audio stream protection, and MIDI support make geographical distance irrelevant to studio production workflows.

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For musicians and engineers with deadlines to meet, SkyTracks might be the perfect remote recording solution. SkyTracks launched in 2016 as a cloud-based DAW, allowing users to create and collaborate on their projects. Now, the company has updated the software to enable producers and artists to fire up projects on any DAW and load VST/AU synths right into their SkyTracks browser. The software continuously syncs with the user’s DAW to allow for an efficient workflow.

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Music Sharing

7. ReelCrafter

Even though the world is currently locked indoors, musical artists must continue to pitch. At ReelCrafter, we understand the nuances of pitching and sharing music with other musicians, agents, labels, and music supervisors.

Our detailed tracking provides the insights necessary to improve your pitch and nail the followup even when there's no face-to-face meeting on the books. ReelCrafter is the perfect application for submitting your music and keeping an eye on your projects as a musician, voice actor, sound designer, or studio engineer.

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The ReelCrafter Team
The ReelCrafter Team
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