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Audio sharing: streamlined and supercharged.

Simplified & strategic

Unlock next-level download flexibility

One platform, endless possibilities. With ReelCrafter, flexibility meets simplicity in audio delivery. Choose the format, set the permissions, and share. Whether it’s a quick MP3 teaser or a high-quality WAV, it’s your call. Control who can stream or download, all from the same reel.

Why artists love Audio Downloads.

Format freedom

Tailor your deliverables

Take complete control over your audio file delivery options, whether it’s MP3s for quick teasers or high-quality WAVs and AIFFs for the final delivery. Want to go the extra mile? Offer individual downloads or zip files to suit your listener’s needs. Easily manage your workflow and choose the right format for the right person every time.

Absolute command

Assign. Download. Repeat.

Create one reel, share it many ways. Craft individual links and roll out the red carpet—or not—for who gets to stream or download. Ideal for engaging different stakeholders, from potential clients to final approvals. Forget making endless reels; simply decide who gets the keys to the download kingdom.

  • Collab, streamlined

    Simple, seamless sharing

    Collaboration made easy. Let listeners review and download your work quickly without requiring any extra apps or sign-ups. Once your listeners hit ‘download,’ they’re good to go. Speed up collaboration without sacrificing control or quality.

  • Master your sharing universe

    Control how your audio plays in someone else’s hands. Are you ready to redefine the sharing game?

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