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ReelCrafter helps you create amazing audio and video showcases with real-time interaction metrics. With our unique toolset, you can make a great first impression and give yourself an advantage over the competition.
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Learn how Emmy Award-winning composer Trevor Morris uses ReelCrafter to showcase his work to potential clients

A ReelCrafter reel is all about you

Created by a professional composer, ReelCrafter lets you design stunning audio and video reels with custom colors and personal branding. No followers, no ads, and no artist discovery searches to clutter up your presentation.

Send stunning demo reels every time with ReelCrafter.
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Real-time Metrics

Know when they watch and listen (or when they don’t) with instant email notifications

See exactly when reels are viewed (or ignored)—real-time listening and video play events appear right in your account dashboard.

Get email notifications for reel opens and watch how viewers interact with your reel, including time positions for skipped tracks, video seeks, and audio download confirmations.

Industry professionals really, really like us.

ReelCrafter Review by Jeff Beal, Composer
Jeff Beal
Five-Time Emmy Award-Winning Composer
House of Cards, Blackfish, Rome
“Exactly what folks like me are looking for.”
ReelCrafter Review by Trevor Morris, Composer
Trevor Morris
Two-Time Emmy Award-Winning Composer
Vikings, The Tudors, London Has Fallen, Immortals
“ReelCrafter has filled a void that has long needed filling.”
ReelCrafter Review by Michael Price, Composer
Michael Price
Emmy Award-Winning Composer
Sherlock, Dracula, Unforgotten
“It’s a robust and elegant way to share material.”
ReelCrafter Review by Nainita Desai, Composer
Nainita Desai
IFMCA Breakthrough Composer of the Year
Telling Lies, For Sama, The Reason I Jump
“The tracking feature is indispensable.”

Upload your entire library and be ready to send reels from anywhere

Upload your entire audio library and up to 80GB of video, then organize everything with folders and tags. Bulk edit audio metadata right in the app.

Create audio reels using full tracks or cut dynamic snippets you can reuse or update on the fly. Or add video from YouTube, Vimeo, and your ReelCrafter video library.

A bird’s eye view of your library lets you quickly build the perfect presentation. Then keep track of every pitch you send with customized, shareable private links.
Snippet Editor
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Simple, clean embeddable audio players for your website

Embed ReelCrafter audio reels into your WordPress, Squarespace, or custom website. Sleek design and custom player colors will keep all the focus on your work.

Plus, save time with instant reel updates—no need to mess around with iframe code each time you make a change to tracks or colors.

Professional multimedia demo reels with real-time tracking.

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