Metadata Editing

Prepare your music for the spotlight.

Ready, set, metadata

Get your tracks tagged and travel-ready.

Proper metadata ensures that your tracks are not only ready for distribution and release, but they’re also properly stored, sorted, and recognized when they arrive. With ReelCrafter, getting everything in order is easy, from the album’s name to the rights clearance. Remember, your music isn’t ready to share until the metadata’s there!

Every detail counts

Metadata ingestion & display

Every time you upload a track to ReelCrafter, all your metadata comes along for the ride. Visible and accessible right within the app, your metadata — from album art to track details — is at your fingertips, no digging required. And when your music is downloaded? Rest assured, your metadata sticks with it, maintaining your track’s identity, no matter where it lands.

Always current

Real-time metadata editing

With ReelCrafter, metadata doesn’t have to be set in stone. Want to change the album name or the track number? It only takes a second. All the key metadata fields, including Artist, BPM, and Comments, are editable right within the ReelCrafter app. No need for juggling software or extra steps. Changes are reflected instantly, ensuring that future downloads always have the most recent information. Just like your music, your metadata stays fresh and up-to-date!

  • Streamlined simplicity

    Bulk metadata editing

    Managing lots of tracks? Bulk metadata editing lets you apply the same metadata to multiple tracks in one go. Save time and ensure consistent information across your music library. Managing your music’s metadata has never been more efficient.

  • Easy metadata editing for license-ready tracks

    Amplify your music’s discoverability, keep everything fresh with real-time updates, and ensure your tracks hit the right notes wherever you send them.

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