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Tell your artist story with audio, video, and images.

Ditch the template

Craft custom EPKs that resonate

No more cookie-cutter press kits. Effortlessly upload your music, photos, and videos to create personalized EPKs that capture your artistry. High-quality audio streaming ensures your music stands out, while engagement tracking provides valuable insights into how listeners interact with your work.


Example of a singer-songwriter EPK built with ReelCrafter

    How to

    Create and share a singer-songwriter EPK

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      Upload Music & Details

      Upload your songs, lyrics, photos, and videos. Enter your professional details once, and they’ll be ready for all your future reels.

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      Build Showcases

      With our intuitive Reel Builder, create unlimited custom and personalized portfolio links tailored for pitches, EPKs, and promotional showcases.

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      Share & Track

      Generate unlimited personalized Share Links, then track every play, skip, pause, replay, and link click. Gain insights to refine and perfect your future pitches.

Example of how to show lyrics on a singer-songwriter EPK built with ReelCrafter

The power of words

Let your lyrics and inspiration shine through

Your music speaks for itself, but with ReelCrafter, you can make it roar. Captivate listeners with beautifully displayed lyrics, ensuring they don’t miss a single word. Dive deeper with insightful track notes, where you can share inspiration behind a song, production details, or even personal anecdotes. ReelCrafter empowers you to be the storyteller. Showcase your artistry, engage your audience, and leave a lasting impression — all within your stunning EPK.

Deep dive into listener engagement

Observe every nuance, perfect your pitch

Bid farewell to uncertainty. Move beyond simple metrics like play counts to grasp every interaction (like skips, pauses, and replays). Our comprehensive engagement tracking provides the insights you need for timely follow-ups, informed conversations, and honing your future pitches. With ReelCrafter, you’re not just sharing your music; you’re crafting a strategic approach to connect with your audience.

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