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Learn more about what ReelCrafter is and how it’s different than any other creative pitching solution out there.

Unlike other popular online platforms, ReelCrafter does not center around social discovery. Although you can share your reels on social networks, or embed playlists on your website, ReelCrafter was primarily built as a pitching and collaborating tool for audio and video professionals.

Reels are individualized and provide a distraction-free listening and/or viewing experience for each recipient. There’s nothing to take a viewer away from your work—no followers, comments, artist searches, or ads.

In addition to the professional, distraction-free experience of our reels, you’ll get access to a variety of listening and video viewing metrics. Know exactly when and if your reels are opened and get incredibly detailed insights on our Professional plan.

Plus, once your audio and video library is uploaded/linked in the app, you’ll have the ability to create and send reels from any computer that has Internet access. That means you can send a last minute pitch from 36,000 feet in the air, or from your laptop when you’re miles away from your studio.

ReelCrafter was created to provide a quick way to build and share audio and video showcases online. Reels can be used for pitching, collaborating, embedding audio playlists on your website, or simply sharing with friends. But, since there are no rules, you can use ReelCrafter however works best for you.

*Note: For browser security reasons, you cannot embed an entire ReelCrafter reel into an iframe.

For each reel you can create multiple “share links” with their own unique URL. This allows you send the exact same reel to multiple contacts while still tracking opens and viewing activity for each recipient individually on your dashboard.

Share links can include their own personalized URL, password, audio download settings, and link expiration date.

What we refer to as “demo reels” are essentially custom webpages for showcasing your creative work to potential clients and collaborators. Each reel is accessed using a custom URL that can be sent privately to an individual with optional password protection, or posted on a public forum.

ReelCrafter can be used to create EPKs (Electronic Press Kits), demo reels, showreels, sizzle reels, one-sheets, samplers, internal workshares, or just about any other creative showcase you need!

Billing FAQ

Absolutely! ReelCrafter’s free trial lets you upload unlimited audio tracks and link unlimited YouTube/Vimeo videos to craft a professional reel and showcase your work. Our trial includes all the Professional plan features (except for direct video uploads, and is limited to three reels), so you can check out everything ReelCrafter has to offer.

After your free trial, we’ll ask you to choose your preferred plan and fill in your billing information. That will be the start of your billing cycle. You’ll be billed on that day every month or one year from that date if you choose a discounted annual plan.

When on a monthly plan, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. If you’re scheduling a downgrade for your next billing cycle, you may be required to remove some reels or share links before making the shift.

Annual plans can be upgraded from Starter to Professional at any time, and you will be charged the difference. Downgrades can be scheduled for your annual renewal. However, you may be required to remove some reels, share links, and videos before scheduling the change.

ReelCrafter plans are monthly—it’s simple to start (or stop) your service at any time. Or you can choose an annual plan at a discounted rate.

You can purchase a ReelCrafter subscription with your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express credit or debit card. Your transaction will be processed securely via Stripe. Or you can pay with your preferred method using PayPal.

Technical FAQ

Although your media files must be stored within the online app in order to use ReelCrafter, it is not an archive service. The database is regularly backed up, and deleted files are recoverable for a limited time, but we strongly suggest you keep copies of your original files on your personal computer and also a backup on a dedicated drive or backup service.

ReelCrafter understands that audio and video professionals often have rights to showcase content they’ve created, even if their clients own the actual copyright. Because of this, we don’t automatically block copyrighted content like many other platforms do. But it is against our Terms of Use to post content that violates copyright law, and we will fully investigate and respond accordingly to any DMCA takedown requests we receive.

The ReelCrafter app requires a modern browser, such as the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari 13 or higher. It will work on both Mac and PC computers. Shared reel URLs can be accessed on virtually every browser, tablet, or smartphone running a modern browser.

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