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Get incredibly detailed insights into your audience’s interaction with your reels.

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Measure and Optimize

get insights to perfect your pitch

Elevate your pitch with real-time data and gain invaluable insights into viewer engagement, so you can refine your presentation and stand out from the competition.

X-ray vision

Detailed engagement tracking

Know exactly what happens after hitting ‘send.’ With ReelCrafter’s advanced analytics, the guessing game is over. Witness every play, pause, replay, and download. Detailed engagement tracking is your secret to truly understanding what resonates with your listeners and what doesn’t.

Why artists love Engagement Tracking.

Data-driven insights

Plays, pauses, skips, and replays — all at your fingertips

Stop guessing. Start knowing. Watch every play, pause, skip, and replay on your dashboard. These insights aren’t just numbers; they’re your guide to crafting reels that resonate. Better decisions mean better pitches, which lead to better results.

Learn how Gilde Flores used ReelCrafter’s detailed tracking to land an (HBO) Max gig!

Stop guessing

Know when to make your move

With ReelCrafter’s tracking, you’ll see exactly when your audience engages with your reels. No more jumping the gun (or missing the boat). You’ll know the best moment to reach out, giving your follow-up a personal touch.

  • Listen to your listeners

    Talk about what matters most

    What are your listeners playing or pausing? What are they downloading? Use this information to shape your conversation. Talk about what they love, and they’ll love talking with you.

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    Leverage our detailed engagement tracking to truly understand your audience and create content that keeps them coming back for more.

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