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Michael Price
Emmy Award Winning Composer
Sherlock, Dracula, Unforgotten

Because ReelCrafter is created by, and with, credible working composers, they have managed to make a service that has everything you need and nothing you don’t. It’s a robust and elegant way to share material, not just for pitches, but at all points of the creative process. Nice job.

Trevor Morris
Two-Time Emmy Award Winning Composer
Vikings, The Tudors, London Has Fallen, Immortals

Back in the day I had custom CDs printed with my name and logo. An attempt to be a step above the curve with making demo reels, which are the calling card for composers. Now with all digital delivery, ReelCrafter has filled a void that has long needed filling, a chance to brand your demo reels in a stylish and individual way that is as easy for you to generate as it is your clients to receive. If you haven’t signed up for ReelCrafter, I would suggest you do.

Robert Folk
Acclaimed Composer/Conductor & Motion Picture Academy Member
Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, There Be Dragons, The NeverEnding Story: The Next Chapter, Nothing To Lose

ReelCrafter is in a class by itself. It's become the "go-to platform" for media music presentation. I love it, my Representatives love it, and potential buyers love it as well. ReelCrafter is simple to use, and provides a platform for the most elegant presentations imaginable. Whatever we used to use; with ReelCrafter...That's all in the past!

Ron Jones
Star Trek: The Next Generation, Family Guy, American Dad

I have been in the business of composing for over 40 years, so I have put a vast number of demos together. Your platform is smart and easy. I was putting together several demo reels right away for my agent to use. I really like it and think you are doing something valuable and vital for composers.

James Hannigan
Dead Space 3, Harry Potter, Red Alert 3

A hugely powerful tool for composers wishing to create slick, low latency reels. A beautifully elegant and intuitive user interface & file management system… and the non-destructive editing of tracks by individual reel is a great feature!

Craig Marks
A&E's Intervention, Iron Chef America

ReelCrafter is a terrific service created by and for composers to showcase their work. More importantly, it’s revolutionized how I present my work to the world and potential clients.

Megan Cavallari
Sno Babies, Life After Tomorrow, Barbie as The Island Princess

ReelCrafter changed the way I interface with potential clients and streamlined the whole process. The reel activity monitor is crucial in helping me know who I should be focusing on and following up with, and when. I was hesitant about switching to ReelCrafter at first, but it very quickly won me over. Now I can't imagine sending out a reel with anything else!

Mike Reagan
The Powerpuff Girls, Angry Birds Toons, God of War I,II,III

Sometimes the only thing between me and an opportunity is an online music player, and today's web creation tools just don't have what it takes to look and sound professional. With ReelCrafter I finally have full-bandwidth audio, a beautiful and easy to use interface, and a stats engine for tracking plays! THANK YOU!

Jesse Harlin
Mafia III (2K Games)

ReelCrafter’s dashboard gives you realtime feedback as to when your tracks were listened to, how much was listened to, when tracks were skipped, and when reels were closed. Now I can be sure just how much of my demo directors and producers are listening to ... In a facet of our job that’s so often devoid of direct feedback, it’s an absolutely invaluable tool.

David Luis Ortega
Where's My Water (Disney Interactive)

ReelCrafter is the fastest and most flexible tool I’ve encountered to share my music. And, it looks absolutely gorgeous! ReelCrafter is a must-have for anyone wanting to put their most professional foot forward for an audio pitch.

Catherine Joy
Gold Balls, On Wings of Eagles, Virgin Territory

ReelCrafter is exactly what the professional composer needs to connect their client to their music. My favorite features are the playlists that are quick to create, allow for complete control over what the client is viewing and experiencing, and have statistics so you can see what was listened to and when. There is nothing like it available that provides such a clean and professional way to showcase your music.

Ken Jacobsen
National Hockey League, National Football League

ReelCrafter has proven itself to be the superior option for showcasing my work. I have used several others and none of them sound as good or have been as beautiful, solid, and easy to use.

Lennie Moore
Halo 2 Anniversary (Microsoft)

I'm continually looking for tools to improve my ability to share my work with clients and fans. ReelCrafter is quickly developing into one of the brightest with its design, security and ease of use. Keep up the great work!

Eric Goetz
Mattel, Random House

It’s so easy and quick to create professional-looking demo reels that make it easy for prospects to hear your work reliably on every desktop browser, tablet and smartphone.

Professional audio demo reels with real-time tracking.

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