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Customer Testimonials

  • Jeff Beal, Five-Time Emmy Award-Winning ComposerJeff Beal
    Five-Time Emmy Award-Winning Composer
    House of Cards, Blackfish, Rome
    I can’t imagine the hassle of making reels before this service. Non-destructive editing of longer cues, and the ability to update a reel on the fly with personal branding—from any browser anywhere in the world—is a game-changer.
  • Michael Price, Four-Time Emmy Award-Winning ComposerMichael Price
    Four-Time Emmy Award-Winning Composer
    Sherlock, Dracula, Unforgotten
    ReelCrafter has managed to make a service that has everything you need and nothing you don’t. It’s a robust and elegant way to share material, not just for pitches, but at all points of the creative process. Nice job.
  • Trevor Morris, Two-Time Emmy Award-Winning ComposerTrevor Morris
    Two-Time Emmy Award-Winning Composer
    Vikings, The Tudors, London Has Fallen, Immortals
    ReelCrafter has filled a void that has long needed filling, a chance to brand your demo reels in a stylish and individual way that is as easy for you to generate as it is your clients to receive. If you haven’t signed up for ReelCrafter, I would suggest you do.
  • Christopher Lennertz, Emmy Award-Nominated ComposerChristopher Lennertz
    Emmy Award-Nominated Composer
    The Boys, Lost in Space, Horrible Bosses
    The tracking feature is absolutely amazing. It does everything I need it to do and solves all our problems. ReelCrafter allows me to put out the best reel I can, every time.
  • Robert Duncan, Emmy Award-Nominated ComposerRobert Duncan
    Emmy Award-Nominated Composer
    S.W.A.T., Timeless, Castle, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    This business requires a lot of producer mind-reading, which is what makes the activity notifications in ReelCrafter so brilliant. To get the inside data on how, when and what was listened to puts you in an advantageous position.
  • Mason Lieberman, Music SupervisorMason Lieberman
    Music Supervisor
    Tencent America
    I’m thrilled that ReelCrafter exists! As someone who parses through a massive number of reels, it makes my life so much easier. The organization, the presentation, the feature set, all of it. Your demo reel deserves to look as good as it sounds.
  • Ron Jones, Emmy Award-Nominated ComposerRon Jones
    Emmy Award-Nominated Composer
    Star Trek: The Next Generation, Family Guy, American Dad
    I have been in the business of composing for over 40 years, so I have put a vast number of demos together. Your platform is smart and easy. I was putting together several demo reels right away for my agent to use. I really like it and think you are doing something valuable and vital for composers.
  • Nainita Desai, Emmy Award-Nominated ComposerNainita Desai
    Emmy Award-Nominated Composer
    Telling Lies, For Sama, The Reason I Jump
    ReelCrafter is the smartest tool I use to present my work. The intuitive ease of use is genius, and the minimalist aesthetic of the front end is so elegant. Plus, I can throw a page together super FAST. It’s become totally indispensable as a ‘shop window’ for many areas of my workflow and is an absolute must-buy.
  • Catherine Joy, ComposerCatherine Joy
    Gold Balls, On Wings of Eagles, Virgin Territory
    ReelCrafter is exactly what the professional composer needs to connect their client to their music. There is nothing like it available that provides such a clean and professional way to showcase your music.
  • James Hannigan, ComposerJames Hannigan
    Dead Space 3, Harry Potter, Red Alert 3
    A hugely powerful tool for composers wishing to create slick, low latency reels. A beautifully elegant and intuitive user interface & file management system… and the non-destructive editing of tracks by individual reel is a great feature!
  • Craig Marks, ComposerCraig Marks
    A&E's Intervention, Iron Chef America
    ReelCrafter is a terrific service created by and for composers to showcase their work. More importantly, it’s revolutionized how I present my work to the world and potential clients.
  • Eric Goetz, ComposerEric Goetz
    Mattel, Random House
    It’s so easy and quick to create professional-looking demo reels that make it easy for prospects to hear your work reliably on every desktop browser, tablet, and smartphone.
  • Nathan Lanier, ComposerNathan Lanier
    Falling for Christmas, Home Before Dark, High Strung: Free Dance, Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn
    With the tracking system I know if the track has been listened to, what parts they heard, and when. This product is clearly made by composers for composers. So useful and time-saving!
  • Ken Jacobsen, ComposerKen Jacobsen
    National Hockey League, National Football League
    ReelCrafter has proven itself to be the superior option for showcasing my work. I have used several others and none of them sound as good or have been as beautiful, solid, and easy to use.
  • Mike Rubino, ComposerMike Rubino
    Mickey’s ToonTown in Disneyland, It’s Pony, Lexus
    Every composer needs something that they can just easily, cleanly and beautifully make reels in — without the hassle of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole using some other service that’s not really made for us. I can’t imagine living without it.

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