Email Notifications

Stay in the loop with your reel interactions.

Real-time awareness

Know the instant your reel is opened

Our email notification feature ensures you’re never in the dark about your reel activity, providing alerts every time a reel is opened. Whether you’re a music producer, a voice-over artist, or anyone else sharing their work, real-time monitoring of what happens after you send a pitch has never been this effortless.

Why artists love Email Notifications.

Stay in the loop, not in the dark

Nail your follow-ups with email notifications

Get notified. Respond promptly. Repeat. Email notifications keep you informed when your reel is opened, letting you respond when your work is still front-and-center. It’s not just about creating amazing reels; it’s about creating amazing relationships. We’re here to ensure you never miss a beat. Or a client.

Tailored alerts, your way

Control your notifications per share link

You decide when you get updates about your reels. Tweak your settings to get an email when every reel is opened, or pick and choose which individual share links will trigger alerts. We make it easy to stay informed while keeping your inbox as uncluttered (or cluttered) as you want.

  • Press pause

    Mute all notifications when you need a break

    There are times when you want to turn down the constant notifications. With ReelCrafter’s ‘mute all’ feature, unplug without the FOMO. When you’re ready, your viewer’s activity is right where you left it — on your dashboard.

  • Pitch smarter with Email Notifications

    Gain peace of mind and valuable insights with email notifications. Ready to transform your follow-ups and elevate your pitching game?

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