Snippet Editor & Library

Create, save, and update non-destructive audio cutdowns with ease.

Snip it. Snip it good.

Endless edits with non-destructive snippets

Select, snip, and sync across all reels with just a few clicks. Say farewell to firing up your DAW for quick edits with non-destructive editing right within the app. Tweak, refine, and experiment as much as you want without creating extra files. ReelCrafter’s snippet editor and library make creating and organizing audio cutdowns so easy you’ll wonder how you ever did it any other way.

Why artists love Snippet Editor & Library.

Elevate your edits

Create snippets like a pro

With ReelCrafter’s intuitive interface, you can effortlessly trim your tracks to make snippets that pack a punch. Play it back, check the fades, and make adjustments in real time. Ditch drawn-out intros and snip away any slow-moving sections. Show off the best parts of your tracks with ease and precision.

Auto-updates, no worries

Let your snippets keep up with you

When you update your track with a new mix, we’ll automatically recut your snippets to match. No need to manually edit every reel. We handle the nitty-gritty so you can pour all your energy into what you love most: making your work absolutely shine.

  • Analyze and adapt

    Craft snippets that keep them listening

    Use ReelCrafter’s advanced engagement tracking to identify any needless build-ups and uncover those irresistible hooks. Then, use those insights to craft snippets focusing on the most captivating moments — demanding attention from start to finish.

  • All in one place

    Your snippets, organized and accessible

    With ReelCrafter’s snippet library, each track gets its own VIP spot for snippets. No more digging through digital heaps. Your snippets sit snugly next to their parent track. Easy to find; easy to use. Welcome to an organized, track-by-track workflow that just makes sense.

  • Ready to snip and share like never before?

    Let your tracks make maximum impact with minimal effort.

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