Track Notes

Adding a personal touch to your presentation.

Your tracks, your story

Personalize, inform and enhance with track notes.

As a composer, mix engineer, or musician, your work tells a story. With public and private track notes, you’re in control of that narrative. Add key insights, customize your presentation, and even jot down personal reminders. It’s all about giving depth to your sound and making every note count.

Why artists love Track Notes.

Give it context

Public Track Notes

Want to share some backstory or important details about your audio track? With ReelCrafter, you can easily add a note that will appear below your audio track on your reel. It’s a great way to share insights, details, or fun facts about your work.

Notes with nuance

Per-Reel Track Note Customization

Need to tweak the note for a specific reel? ReelCrafter lets you override track notes on a per-reel basis. Customize your note for different audiences or contexts without having to change the original note on the track.

  • Note to self

    Private Track Notes

    Looking for a way to remember specific details about a track? Save a private note directly on the audio track. This is a perfect tool for personal reminders or details that you might need for future reference, without displaying it publicly.

  • Show or hide, you decide

    Note Visibility Control

    Prefer a minimalist aesthetic, or want to ensure no note goes unnoticed? It’s totally up to you. With our flexible note visibility controls, you can have your notes wide open for everyone to see right off the bat or keep them tucked away for listeners to discover with a click. You’re the boss here – present your tracks just the way you want.

  • Customize your reel with Track Notes and set yourself apart

    Personalize your presentation, share insights, and keep your audience informed with Track Notes in ReelCrafter.

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