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Transform your pitch packages, screeners, and showreels.

Beyond playback

Turn promo links into powerful narratives

Imagine a tool that transforms the way you present and share your creative visions—from vibrant showreels to secure, sleek screeners for exclusive previews. Combine all your essential promotional materials—videos, bios, project descriptions, and high-quality images—into one streamlined, elegant link. ReelCrafter’s more than a showcase; it’s your complete promo kit solution, ensuring that every first impression is hard to forget.


Example of a film screener built with ReelCrafter

    How to

    Create and share a filmmaker sizzle reel

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      Upload Media & Details

      Upload your films, trailers, promo images, and more. Enter all your professional details once, and you’ll be set for all your future reels.

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      Build Showcases

      With our intuitive Reel Builder, create unlimited custom and personalized portfolio links tailored for pitches, screeners, and showreels.

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      Share & Track

      Generate unlimited personalized Share Links, then track every play, skip, pause, replay, and link click. Gain insights to refine and perfect your future pitches.

Data diving

Uncover in-depth insights on audience engagement

Understand your audience with our sophisticated analytics. Discover who engages with your films, which segments hold their interest, and who feels compelled to watch them over. With ReelCrafter, transform viewer data into actionable strategies and gain a competitive edge.

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Flex your creative muscles

Design with dynamic tools: Galleries, Credits and Calendars

Your work is unique, and your presentation tool should be too. Customize layouts, add video and image galleries, showcase credits, or add a dynamic events calendar. Control the narrative from start to finish, ensuring that your vision shines through precisely as you intend. Whether you’re pitching to a studio, applying for grants, or promoting your latest feature at festivals, you can build your promo package with ReelCrafter.

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Share with flair

Offer personalized, secure access with custom links

Sharing your promo package using ReelCrafter isn’t just about ease—it’s about personalization and security. Customize each link with unique URLs tailored for individual recipients, add password protection for exclusive access, and set link expirations to maintain control over your content. This level of customization ensures that your work is not only shared but also protected, allowing you to manage who sees your work and when.

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