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Composer essentials

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ReelCrafter simplifies and speeds up the process of creating demo reels. Send your pitches with the platform Emmy Award-Winning composer Jeff Beal calls a “game-changer.” Our tools give you more time to do what matters most: making incredible music!


Examples of composer demo reels built with ReelCrafter.

    How to

    Create and share a composer demo reel

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      Add Media & Details

      Upload your music cues, video footage, and project artwork. Enter your professional details once, and you’ll be set for all your future reels.

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      Build Reels

      With our intuitive Reel Builder, create unlimited custom and personalized reels tailored for pitches, collaborations, and client deliveries.

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      Share & Track

      Generate unlimited personalized Share Links, then track every play, skip, pause, replay, and link click. Gain insights to refine and perfect your future pitches.

Trevor Morris, Composer

“ReelCrafter has filled a void… as easy for you to generate as it is your clients to receive.”

Trevor Morris

Two-Time Emmy Award-Winning Composer

Showcase your work with flair

Building a reel is fast and easy

Craft sleek and stylish demo reels in mere minutes, infusing them with your unique brand. From custom colors to spotlighting your best videos, every reel becomes a testament to who you are. And with our professional 256kbps streaming, you’re not just presenting your work—you’re elevating it.

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Engagement tracking

Know exactly what happens after hitting ‘send’

Say goodbye to guesswork with our engagement tracking. Dive deep into listener behaviors, capturing every play, pause, skip, and link click. With data at the core, refine your presentations, ensuring your music’s story resonates perfectly. And thanks to real-time email notifications, you’re always in sync, never missing an essential playback or interaction. With ReelCrafter, pitch with confidence, backed by actionable data.

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Nainita Desai, Composer

“ReelCrafter is the smartest tool I use to present my work. It’s become totally indispensable.”

Nainita Desai

Emmy Award-Nominated Composer

Your audio, your way

Advanced audio management

From 1 to 10,000+ tracks, effortlessly manage and organize your entire audio library. With our snippet editor, spotlight those key moments and enhance them with track notes to share the story behind each cue. Ensure your best tracks stand out with filterable tags and curated playlists. And remember, you control every detail—from editing metadata to peak normalizing your tracks.

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Personalize with precision

Enhanced customization and permissions

Create bespoke reels tailored for every audience: from unique URLs to download permissions, ensure your presentation aligns flawlessly with each recipient. More than just personalization, take charge of your reels with link expiration settings and password protection, putting you firmly in control of who accesses and downloads your work.

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