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Mix and mastery

Showcase your signature sound

Crafting your unique audio portfolio with ReelCrafter is a seamless blend of simplicity and sophistication. Elevate your professional presence with demo reels that not only showcase your audio mixing prowess but do so with the kind of flair that mirrors your individual style. High-quality 256kbps streaming ensures your tracks play back with pristine sound, letting your work speak for itself.


Example of an Mix Engineer demo reel built with ReelCrafter.

    How to

    Create and share a mix engineer audio reel

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      Upload Media & Details

      Upload your mixes, masters, demo tracks, and more. Enter your professional details once, and they’ll be ready for all your future reels.

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      Build Showcases

      With our intuitive Reel Builder, create unlimited custom and personalized portfolio links tailored for client demos, mixing projects, and audio showreels.

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      Share & Track

      Generate unlimited personalized Share Links, then track every play, skip, pause, replay, and link click. Gain insights to refine and perfect your future pitches.

Sonic Insights

Master your mix’s impact

Go beyond simple play counts to understand every layer of audience interaction with your portfolio. With ReelCrafter’s detailed engagement tracking, uncover the subtleties of listener behavior—pauses, skips, replays—and use these insights to sharpen your follow-ups and discussions. ReelCrafter isn’t just about sharing your audio; it’s about strategically engaging with your audience to enhance your portoflio’s resonance and connection.

Precision presentation

Orchestrate every aspect of your audio portfolio

Dive into the ultimate control over your audio landscape with ReelCrafter. Our platform is engineered for mix engineers who demand precision and flexibility. Manage an expansive library, from a single track to thousands, with unparalleled ease. Highlight the soul of your work using our snippet editor, annotate the magic behind the mix with track notes, and categorize your creations with smart, filterable tags. Curate and present your portfolio in its best light—every track, every time, exactly how you envision.

Polish your audio portfolio.

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