We won’t deny it. As the world’s largest music and audio platform SoundCloud is an essential tool for composers and other audio professionals to present their work. It changed the rules for music discovery and fan engagement. Artists looking for a public platform for sharing and feedback should definitely utilize it!

But, when it comes to sending demo reels to directors and audio leads, etc. you need to make a powerful impression. That’s where ReelCrafter comes in—built specifically for creating professional private demo reels. The reels you can create just can’t be replicated on a platform like SoundCloud. So how is ReelCrafter different?

1. Detailed metrics on listening activity 

Unlike any other platform, ReelCrafter provides incredibly detailed metrics. Our Pro plan users see real-time tracking for every single open, play, seek and skip on each reel. Insights like these are invaluable. Know exactly when to follow up on a lead or which tracks are consistently listened to (or skipped) or even when your reel was never opened.

2. High-quality audio streaming 

Unlike a lot of other streaming music services, ReelCrafter will transcode your original uncompressed audio files to 256Kbps AAC for exceptional quality. Not only will your reel look amazing, it will sound amazing, too!

3. Distraction-free listening experience 

Our reels put your work front and center—curate each playlist, add your own logo, project imagery, and even video content. When a listener opens their personal (and very mobile-friendly) link, there will be nothing on the page to distract them. No followers, comments or artist search options. 

Composer Demo Reel by Jesse Harlin
Reel created by Jesse Harlin

4. Password protection and download options 

Sometimes you don't want to post a track publicly—this can really limit your file delivery options when sending a pitch. Adding a password to your ReelCrafter reels lets you send it with an extra layer of security. No more messing around with emailing links to cloud storage or building “secret” pages on your website for private access. Plus, setting a reel as downloadable gives you even more control of the listening experience.

5. Build on the fly with non-destructive snippets 

There’s nothing worse than being outside of your studio and getting an urgent request for a specific type of reel. Once you’ve uploaded your catalog to ReelCrafter each audio track will be available in the app for reel building. Our nondestructive snippet editor means you won’t have to open your waveform editing software to chop up tracks and highlight certain sections. You can build the perfect reel, with custom snippets, from just about any computer with an Internet connection.  

With ReelCrafter you will send stunning, professional audio demo reels like never before! 

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The ReelCrafter Team
The ReelCrafter Team
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