We’re ReelCrafter, the service that will change how you send audio demo reels—forever.

I’m Sam Hulick, the guy behind ReelCrafter.

As a film and video game composer myself, I saw a huge need for a better way to share demo reels. Frustrated with the process, I coded a little hack to notify me when people opened my reels. Eventually composer buddies of mine were asking for the same hack. A couple years (and many lines of code) later, ReelCrafter was born.

I’m Sara Pocius, the one making things pretty.

Sam’s a man of many talents, but marketing and design isn’t one of them. That’s where I jump in to drive our marketing efforts and visual design. You’ll also find me on our support channel helping customers with anything that doesn’t require too much tech.

So how is ReelCrafter different than a service like SoundCloud?

ReelCrafter lets you share stunning demo reels. You just can’t do that with other audio streaming services. No links to discover other artists, commentary from random people, or extra clutter to distract your listener. A ReelCrafter reel is all about you.

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Professional audio demo reels with real-time tracking.

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