ReelCrafter is hiring a Vue.js developer

ReelCrafter is looking for a Vue.js developer to help us build v2 of our product. Come join us in the Techstars Chicago office inside the Merchandise Mart and work on a super cool and modern stack that will no doubt be both challenging and exciting!

About us

ReelCrafter is a B2C SaaS aimed at freelance musical artists such as composers, musicians, and songwriters, that provides them with the best tools for showcasing their work to potential clients via one-pager portfolio links. We believe every professional artist should be able to make a living with their craft. With our unique feature set, they’re able to quickly put together demo reels, share them with specific people, and get detailed engagement tracking.

We’re a tiny two-person company right now, consisting of a dual hat-wearing CEO/CTO and a Chief Creative Officer who makes everything we do look awesome. We firmly believe in transparency, honesty, accountability, integrity, diversity, inclusiveness, and good old-fashioned hard work. We’re looking to build a team of talented people who share these values.

About the job

We’re looking for either a full-stack or a front-end developer—it doesn’t matter to us. It’s more important that we find the right person who excels at what they do and is excited to work with us. We care more about communication skills, work ethic, and code organization than how long or impressive your list of technical skills is.

Necessary skills


Priority #1! You should be pretty confident in this area, and not much in the official Vue.js Guide should surprise you. You understand how to use slots, scoped slots, Vuex, event-handling, and you know what makes a good key prop for a <v-for> list.



We’re also using TypeScript, to make our code clearer and reduce mistakes. Check out the official docs if you’ve never used TypeScript or you’d like a refresher.

Amazon Web Services

Our back-end is entirely AWS (AppSync, Lambda, S3, Aurora [Postgres], SQS, etc.). If you’ve got some or most of these under your belt, that’s awesome! If you don’t know AWS or want to improve that area of your skillset, we’ll help you get up to speed over time.


We have a few attractive options with regards to compensation, and they’ll be presented up-front before we dive into any kind of meeting. This will start out as a contract position, but ultimately we’re looking for employee #1.

About you

Let’s cover what we’re looking for. Call it an employee persona, if you will.

  • Bonus points (optional): You’re into music, especially soundtracks for TV, film, and video games. We’re building our company culture centered around music appreciation, and it would be cool if our first employee was a building block for that culture.
  • You love solving problems.
  • You have a positive attitude and love helping people.
  • You’re a good communicator, and you excel at managing your time and keeping the rest of the team in the loop.
  • You care about code quality, and good DX (Developer Experience) matters to you.
  • Your code is easy to read, and well-documented where it counts.
  • You want to work on cool stuff that excites you, and are looking to grow with us long-term.

If you’ve read this entire post and are hyped, apply now! If we’re interested in moving forward, we’ll meet up and buy you lunch—much better than sitting in an office, quizzing you on the inner workings of JavaScript.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!