Here at ReelCrafter, we've been busy cranking out a whole bunch of new features for everyone as one last hurrah before we go full steam ahead on ReelCrafter v2! Here's a behind-the-scenes look at how busy we really were this month:

Ok, let's get serious and see what's new.

Section Headings

This was one of our most highly-requested features, and now it's here! Section headings let you break up your reel and group tracks by genre, acts of a musical, or any way you can think of.

Screenshot of reel with section headings

Adding section headings couldn't be easier. When building your reel and adding audio tracks, just click the "Add Section Heading" button, name the heading, and drag it to wherever you'd like it.

Screenshot of adding section headings

Multiple Videos

We've totally overhauled video support! You can now add as many video embeds to your reel as you like. When adding tracks to your reel, you'll now see two tabs, "Audio Tracks" and "Videos". On the Videos tab, you can simply paste YouTube or Vimeo links, name the video, and it'll appear in the list. Want to change the order of videos? No problem, just drag and drop just as you would with audio tracks!

Screenshot of adding videos to a reel

And as usual, you'll get detailed tracking when people play, pause, or seek through your videos.

Social Media & PDF Links

ReelCrafter reels were designed to remove distractions and keep the focus 100% on your work, but that doesn't mean you can't build your social media following!

In "Account > Preferences", you can now add links to your social media and music accounts (like Spotify and Bandcamp), and these links are tastefully displayed at the bottom of your reel as long as your biography is shown.

Screenshot of social media links

As an added bonus, you can add a single link to a PDF file that you've hosted somewhere. This is a great way to link to your CV/credits.

Web Embed Background Colors

You now have more creative freedom over how your web embeds look! Choosing a custom background color lets you blend your embedded players more seamlessly into your website.

Screenshot of web embed creator

Email Notifications

Last—but certainly not least!—you no longer have to obsessively check your dashboard to see if your reels have been opened. We'll email you whenever someone opens your reel and give you enough details so you'll know who opened which reel (if you named your share link appropriately).

We have a whole blog post dedicated to this new feature that explains how to enable it and configure some fine-grained settings.

Closing Thoughts

We hope these new features help you be more productive and look your best! And if you're feeling pretty excited by all these shiny features but don't have a ReelCrafter account, learn more about what we offer and sign up for a free trial!

Sam Hulick
Sam Hulick
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