Personal branding for freelancers: How to elevate your art (and your freelance business)

Let’s talk personal branding for freelance artists

In this article, we’re going to chat about why a strong personal brand is super important as a freelancer, look at some common bumps in the road you might hit while building your brand, and I’ll throw in some handy advice to make sure your brand really captures the essence of who you are as an artist.

Gone are the days when raw talent and a solid network were enough in the entertainment world. Nowadays, even the most skilled and connected artists need an edge. Standing out in today’s digital, social-media-driven landscape means having a visual identity that’s distinct and memorable, no matter if you’re rocking a stage, creating in a studio, or behind the camera.

You might be thinking, “Why is ReelCrafter talking about personal branding?” Well, as freelancers ourselves, we get it. Putting your unique brand on display is as important as presenting your actual work. That’s why we designed ReelCrafter to let you whip up pro digital portfolio pages that scream ‘you’ — because even that tiny bit of personal touch in your presentation can be a game-changer when you’re reaching out to the big shots in the industry.

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Whether you’re starting out or you’re a veteran in your field, your personal brand is vital to your freelance career. Ready to dive into how your brand can become your creative signature?

Why building your personal brand as a freelancer is a must

Personal branding isn’t just a game for the famous folks or Insta celebs. It’s key for any artist dreaming of earning a living from their art. When you create a personal brand that shines, you earn the trust of your fans and can seriously up your game in the earnings department.

A solid brand really does wonders:

Gets you noticed: Let’s face it, the creative world is swarming with talent. But it’s those with a standout brand and look who catch the eye. Branding is way more than a cool logo or a snappy name. It’s about your story, the stuff that sets your skills and experiences apart. It’s what makes people stop scrolling and take notice. 

Builds trust: Getting noticed is just the start. A fab brand is also about earning trust and showing you’re the real deal. When your brand screams professionalism and quality, you’re not just another freelancer. You’re the go-to pro. A strong reputation opens doors to better gigs and those dream projects you’ve been after.

Instills confidence: Your standout, branded showreel (thanks to ReelCrafter!) isn’t just about showing off your skills; it’s about instilling confidence in potential clients. A polished portfolio not only demonstrates your professionalism but also acts as a beacon to attract clients. When you invest in your brand and present it well, you’re not just another freelancer; you’re the expert they’re looking to hire.

Think of a great personal brand as the cornerstone of your career. Let’s get into how you can shape your online presence so it’s not only memorable but also truly reflects the passion driving your work.

Build a personal brand identity that speaks to your art 

When you’re working on your brand, remember to be yourself and show off what you’re great at. Whether you’re creating awesome VFX, wowing crowds with your speeches, making cool music, or doing anything else creative, your brand should be as unique and genuine as you are. Your brand should scream ‘This is me!’ in every aspect.

Ready to kick off your personal branding journey? Start by really dissecting what makes your work uniquely yours. Is it the way your compositions tug at heartstrings, the meticulous care you pour into crafting each soundscape, or maybe it’s your fresh, out-of-the-box approach to storytelling in filmmaking? Pinpointing these critical aspects is like finding your creative fingerprint.

Let your personal brand shout out what makes you stand out. But here’s a word of caution: don’t just pick images and colors because they catch your eye. It’s like branding yourself with a French horn when you’re known for your synth wizardry – and you can’t play a brass instrument to save your life. And yes, that’s a real anecdote from ReelCrafter’s co-founder circa 2010!

Example of a misbranded business card for an artist.
This is an example of what not to do if you do not play the French horn. 😆

Remember, your brand is more than just visuals. It’s the full combo — the images you use and the words you say. This includes your logo, bio, headshots, brand colors, tagline, and even how you communicate with your audience online and in person (nail that elevator pitch!). Each element should be thoughtfully chosen to reflect your art. A musician might use a warm, inviting tone of voice and colors that reflect their preferred genre, while a 3D animator could choose sleek, modern graphics that mirror their technological expertise.

Honing your personal branding is an ongoing project. A well-crafted personal brand will evolve over time, just like your art does. Think of your brand like a story that evolves with you. As you try new things and your artistry takes new turns, make sure your brand changes, too. That way, it stays fresh and interesting for everyone following your journey.

Crafting a brand that reflects your art is all about being real and upfront. Let it narrate your journey as a freelancer in a way that makes you stick in people’s hearts and minds.

Overcoming branding challenges in creative freelancing

Navigating personal branding as a freelancer can feel like a maze, especially for us creative souls. Branding yourself might feel tougher than branding a product. Below are some common obstacles and suggestions for jumping right over them.

1. Uncover your spark

  • Challenge: Figuring out what sets your artistic self apart.
  •  Solution: Really dig into your style and what you stand for. Ask for feedback from peers and clients to help pinpoint what makes you different. Just a heads-up: Take family and friends’ feedback with a grain of salt – they might sugarcoat things a bit. 

2. Stay true across the board

  • Challenge: Keeping your brand vibe consistent everywhere.
  •  Solution: Whip up a set of brand guidelines covering your look, voice, and message – yep, just like the big brands. Stick to these like glue in everything you do, from your website to your LinkedIn, right through to your Instagram.

3. Where creativity meets professionalism

  • Challenge: Mixing your artistic flair with a pro touch.
  •  Solution: Marry your creative side with a polished approach. A slick personal website, a well-organized portfolio, and crystal-clear client communication are essential.

4. Evolve your brand with you

  • Challenge: Keeping your brand fresh as you grow.
  •  Solution: Regularly update your branding to reflect your latest work and artistic journey. Stay current and true to your evolving style.

5. Be the one they remember

  • Challenge: Standing out in a sea of talent.
  •  Solution: Focus on what makes your experience, skills, and perspective unique. Use these to make your brand pop in your marketing.

6. Picking your showpieces

  • Challenge: Choosing what to showcase in your expanding portfolio
  •  Solution: Select pieces that highlight the range and depth of your skills, resonate with your audience, and fit your artistic vibe. Remember, it’s all about quality over quantity. Keep your portfolio fresh and always seek constructive critiques from those in the know.

7. Getting comfortable with self-promotion:

  • Challenge: The icky feeling many creatives get about tooting their own horn.
  •  Solution: Think of branding as sharing your story, not bragging. ​Open up about your journey, show how you do your thing, and celebrate your successes in a way that’s totally you.

To boost your personal brand, you’ve got to meet these challenges head-on and apply these solutions thoughtfully. Never forget that personal branding isn’t a one-and-done deal; it’s an ongoing journey that needs your regular attention and flexibility. Stay faithful to your artistic roots while mastering the art of good branding, and you’ll create a professional image that not only resonates with your target audience but also steers you towards your career goals.

Wrapping up personal branding for freelancers: The ‘what and why’

So, we’ve just unpacked the big deal about having a rock-solid personal brand, hit on some tricky parts of developing your brand identity, and shared a bunch of tips to keep your brand feeling true to who you are. From nailing your unique brand vibe to making sure it’s the same no matter where you are, or blending your creative spark with professional finesse, these pointers are your toolkit for boosting your branding game.

Here’s the main thing to remember: For artists, branding is key. It’s how you stand out in the crowded sea of freelancers and unlock new opportunities for gigs.

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Looking for more depth in insights and strategies? Check out our ‘Nailing Your Next Collab’ guide. It covers crucial areas like client communication, creative control, and workflow. Available as a free bonus to all our email subscribers! Get your guide now »

Using what you learn from our collab guide in your branding strategy is a game-changer. When you’ve got a strong brand, and you’re great at collaborating, you’ll be well on your way to building a thriving career doing what you love.

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