We're always working to streamline the pitching process for professional musicians. On that note, we're excited to announce a new major feature in ReelCrafter Pro: email notifications!

Got an important reel to send, and you don't want to keep checking your dashboard to see if it's been opened? Now you can just create that reel, send it, and wait for your phone to "ding!" Let's cover how to set it up and learn how it works.

If you're on our Pro plan, you'll see the new email notifications option on the "Options" tab when creating a reel. All you have to do is flip that switch, save your reel, and you're good to go! Now anytime your reel is opened, you'll get an email notification letting you know the name of the reel, and who opened it (using the name of your share link).

If you already have some reels you'd like to enable notifications for, there's a quick way to do this without having to edit each reel one-by-one. Find the envelope icon at the top right corner of any reel on the "Reels" page, and click it so it lights up. Super fast and easy!

If you need a temporary break from all email notifications, just head over to "Account > Preferences" and mute your notifications with the flip of a switch, which will stop notifications completely. When you're ready to start receiving notifications again, just turn off the mute option which will re-enable notifications for reels that were previously set to send notifications.

We think this will be a huge convenience and time-saver—after all, you should be writing music, not checking your dashboard! Get in touch with us if you have any questions or suggestions.

Sam Hulick
Sam Hulick
Co-Founder of ReelCrafter
Co-Founder and CEO of ReelCrafter | Video game composer (Mass Effect Trilogy)
Lifelong coder, composer, incurable gadget geek, serverless architecture zealot. Iced coffee addict, husband, cat-whisperer.
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