We're excited to announce an often-requested feature: track notes! Now you'll be able to do things like credit musicians or other composers, give technical details about a track, or just throw in a random anecdote. Let's check it out in depth:

There are a couple places you can add track notes. If you want the same track notes to always show up for a particular track, go to the Track Manager page and edit it. You'll see a new "Track Notes" field right above where you choose your tags.

When you add your notes via the Track Manager, they'll show up in every reel you add that track to going forward (it will not apply to existing reels!). And when you create a new reel and add any tracks that have notes, they'll automatically be there, though you can remove or change them freely.

Editing track notes in the Reel Builder is very similar to how it's done in the Track Manager. Just click the gear icon next to a track in your reel to bring up the editor, then add your notes!

The ReelCrafter Team
The ReelCrafter Team
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